Monday, January 17, 2011

DK Wraps

My brother-in-law came up with this recipe while he was on his mission in the South. He needed recipes that were easy and relatively inexpensive. These fit the bill pretty well. He and my sister made them for us when we were down visiting for Christmas. For being so simple, they are deceptively delicious. Actually, I'm kind of craving one right now. 
I also love the versatility. There are so many different ways you could cook them up, they could pretty much fit any taste.

DK Wraps
Recipe from Dakotah Gordon

Flour or whole wheat tortilla wraps
Ground beef, cooked
Creole Seasoning
Bacon, cooked and chopped
Cheese, shredded

Spread ground beef onto bottom half of tortilla wrap. Sprinkle desired amount of Creole seasoning onto meat - the more seasoning you use, the spicier it will be. Add some bacon and shredded cheese to the top. Fold the tortilla so that there are no open ends; grill on a George Foreman, in a saucepan, or on a barbecue grill. Serve it up! Mmm!

Cooked, shredded chicken
Cajun or Italian seasonings
Add some BBQ sauce or ranch dressing
Use grilled fish, chopped shrimp or crab for the meat
Swiss cheese instead of cheddar

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