Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday with Tierra! (Grilled Bacon Mozz Pesto Sandwich)

Ooops!! So i scheduled this post to go on tuesday but instead i wrote the wrong date for today!!! Sorry guys!!!!
Tuesday again! I feel like since i started doing these Tuesday with Tierras, time has been going sooo much faster!! Anyway so I actually am writing this on Monday because i work from 6am to 6pm or so tomorrow and then Im usually so exaushted I cant even think! lol
So this sandwich I found on the website Pinterest, on there however it was a grilled panini but in my mind there is not much difference, so I just used bread.
Anyway when I saw this, I thought to myself.... Bacon.... Mozzerela..... Pesto!!!!! Ummm Yes Please! I call this the Adult Grilled Cheese.

The Adult Grilled Cheese

Found a picture on Pinterest and went from there

You will need:
4-6 slices of bread (depending on how many sandwiches you want)
8-12 slices of the bacon (i like bacon, so i put at least 4 slices of bacon per sandwich)
1-2 C Mozz Cheese (i also love cheese, so i put at least 1/4 C to 1/2 C cheese on each sandwich)
2-4 Tbsp Pesto (i put a tablespoon or so on each sandwich, Pesto can be very strong so put at much or little as you want)

1: Heat the oven to 400 degrees. Line a cookie sheet with tin foil. Lay out the bacon on the sheet and put in the oven for 15 minutes or until cooked to your desire. (My sister in law showed me this way o f cooking bacon besides frying it, cause i hate the splatter and this way i dont have to worry about it!! :D)
2: Lay out the slices of bread and put Pesto on one slice per sandwich, then lay out the cooked bacon on top of the pesto, and finally the Mozz cheese. Put the other slice on top of that!
3: Now i cook my grilled cheese sandwiches on my George Forman cause i like the golden even brown it cooks and it kind of smushes it like a panini. However I am sure cooking it on that stove or however you make grilled cheese's it would work. Just cook till golden brown and cheese is melted!

Enjoy!!! I know my husband and I did a lot!! :D

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