Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Menu Plan Series - Part IV

• Each week, usually a Saturday or Sunday, I plan the meals for that week, taking the meals from the 20-day menu. When I make that plan, I review the ingredients I need for each meal and check to see if I need any perishable items that I don’t already have. If I do need other items then I’ll go to the store and buy only those items to make my meal. Everything else I should already have. This part of the menu planning is really easy and fast.

• Some of the biggest excuses I hear about not wanting to menu plan are:
1. Things might change and I may not get to all my meals

What I say to that: So what? For one thing, this is why I only plan for 20 meals. For another thing, if you’ve already planned the meal and have most of the ingredients on hand, it will just make next months, or even next weeks, menu planning that much easier.
2. What if I get to that day and I’m not in the mood for what I planned?

What I say to that: Have something that’s specified for another day. Just because it’s written down, doesn’t mean you have to have it in the order it’s written.
3. I don’t like to be tied down to specific things I have to eat.

What I say to that: You don’t have to be. I make my menu as you’ve seen listed in my Menu Plan Monday posts. However, it can be just as easy to simply say, “these are the meals we’re eating this week” and then when each day rolls around, choose which of those meals you’ll fix. Or simply choose daily the meals you want from the 20-day menu. There really isn’t an obligation – it’s entirely up to you!

Check back on Friday for Part V of the Menu Plan Series!

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