Monday, November 23, 2009

Menu Plan Series - Part VI

Important Things to Remember:

• There are certain things I always make sure to have on hand and hence rarely have to buy. I’m going to list them here and you can add or delete ingredients that fit to your tastes and needs (this is an example of ingredients I notice that I use frequently):
  • o Flour
  • o Sugars
  • o Yeast
  • o Salt (of course)
  • o Garlic Salt or powder
  • o Onion Salt or powder
  • o Basil
  • o Parsley
  • o Oregano
  • o Italian Seasoning
  • o Season Salt
  • o Chili powder
  • o Garlic
  • o Onions
  • o Potatoes
  • o Beans (black, pinto and kidney)
  • o Veggies (any kind – if I have them, I can fix them)
  • o Cheese
  • o Sandwich meat (unless you are pb&j kind of person)
  • o Milk
  • o Eggs
  • o Butter
• I rarely plan lunch and breakfast menus. For the most part, we eat cereal for breakfast, including homemade granola and oatmeal. Occasionally (usually just the weekends because I value my sleep more than fixing something grandiose during the week before my DH has to go to work) we will have something different for breakfast, but it’s always flexible and I always have the ingredients on hand (muffins, pancakes, toast, eggs, hash browns (potatoes), etc). For lunches we typically eat sandwiches or leftovers from the meals during the week. This helps assure that the leftovers won’t go bad and it saves me the stresses of planning three times the meals every week.

Check back on Wednesday for the 20-day menu I'm sharing as Part VII of the Menu Plan Series!

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