Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday ~ 03/01/10

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I feel a little like I'm just copying and pasting from past menus ... I promise we really do use our menus. Some weeks are easier than others and sometimes everything just doesn't work out ... and we end up not having everything on the menu. I planned my monthly menu today and discovered that of the 20 meal ideas I planned last month, we only used 10! *sigh* Oh, well. I guess that just means fewer meals to plan and buy for this month.

Monday: Bean and Spinach Burritos with Avocado Relish

Tuesday: Now that’s a baked potato

Wednesday: Cheesy Stuffed Shells

Thursday: Leftover Smorgasbord

Friday: Stroganoff

Saturday: Carnitas Soft Tacos

Sunday: Bow-tie Chicken Caesar Salad

Other goodies I plan to make this week:

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