Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deals to Meals

I just wanted to tell all of you about a great online service that can help you with your shopping, food storage and saving money. The site is called Deals to Meals.
They tell you how to find the good deals.
They tell you good prices, where to shop, and when to do it.
They are now in twelve different states, including Texas, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah.
They give you great menu ideas and fantastic recipes.
I'm a huge fan of their recipes.
I especially love that they tell you how to use all that food storage so it doesn't just sit there.
Love that!

Go check it out!
PS - if you go check it out soon {aka-today!}, you can find out how to enter a L'Equip Hand Blender.
Or don't.
If you don't, I have a better chance of winning! ;)
Okay, just kidding! Really, go see what they've got!

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